March 23, 2009

Welcome to the Recession

Well, here we are smack-dab in the middle of a financial crisis. While I'm sure it took some folks by surprise, a lot of saw this coming some time ago. Remember last summer when gas was over $5.00 a gallon? The groceries went up and they never came back down. Two years ago our local school system said they'd take a hiring break for a bit, and then for good measure they decided to let a few people go home. Forever.

No one has to knock me in the head. But I'm not panicking. As a resourceful Southern woman raised in the Age of Aquarius, I've learned a thing or two about making-do. This doesn't make me an expert. If you want Hints from Heloise about Seventy Important Things You can Make from an Empty Bleach Container, I'm not your girl. You'll also find little if anything here about fixing things with tools, at least not from me. If you're having a tool-related emergency of some kind, I'm sure I could scare up someone fluent in torque wrenches to help you out.

Why Recession-Fabulous? Because in thirty years some kid's going to go to school dressed as a homeless, ex-Wall Street exec on "2000s Day" at school. Our great-great-grandchildren will be visiting us in The Home to interview us about "back then" for a history project. I think I'd rather leave a more interesting legacy.

There's enough ugly out there. Let's do something gorgeous to survive this, fabulously.

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